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German Pinschers

Ch. Windamir's Chosen One, CGC

Ch. Windamir Solo des Charmettes, CGC

Ch. Windamir Sigon des Charmettes

Ch. Windamir Uturn Heads of Tara, CGC

Ch. Windamirs Ukon des Charmettes

Ch. Windamirs Taj des Charmettes

Windamirs Olga des Charmettes RN, CGC

Ch Chosen I've Arrived, CGC

Ch Chosen Shocking Pink Tourmaline, CGC

Ch Chosen Double Exposure

Ch Chosen Keeper of the Stars

Chosen Real Men Wear Pink

Chosen Tickle Me Pink

Chosen Forever Pink

Chosen Pink Madame Butterfly

Chosen Simon Says Pink


Manchester Terriers

  Ch. Kreuzritters Quinn Tara  CGC   

  Kreuzritter Luv Monkey Rocrill   

  McLeans Here's Johnny Tara 















































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